His Grace

is a divine call to celebrate the majestic & all-encompassing authority of Christ Jesus! It is a reflection of the humility, obedience and anointing placed upon my life. It is a “due season” event designed to liberate and empower.


Grace Words 

He Risen 



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"For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Romans 10:13

Book Purchases

The Man You are Trying to Marry is not Your HusbandThe Man You are Trying to Marry is not Your Husband is an amazing story about being true to God and self. It addresses the benefits of seeking wisdom during confusing and uncertain times AND the obedience it requires to adhere to wise counsel. In this tale, you will empathize with a single mom's personal struggles and discover how she follows God’s promptings and is redirected to fulfill purpose. Her story will keep you engaged and encouraged. It will challenge and empower you to reexamine your life, refocus and receive renewed vision for your destiny. It is a must-read!

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Then There Were Three“THEN THERE WERE THREE”

Journey with the Edwards family; Rev. Dr. James (the father), Rev. Donita (the daughter) and Rev. Dee (the wife), as they share their history, humor, heartache and healing in their unique journeys to discovering their calls as ministers of the Gospel of Christ.

For those who may be going through an internal struggle that can’t be satisfied until you feel the peace of God’s confirmation to preach; or who feel unworthy and unprepared to accept a call into such a vocation; or who may have consciously or unconsciously been led to believe that because of your past indiscretions, you don’t qualify to be a servant of Christ; or maybe you just want to read three colorful and unforgettable stories about ordinary people who had an extraordinary encounter with God and had their lives changed forever – THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

After reading their stories, you might even be able to say, “Then there were…”

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