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is a divine call to celebrate the majestic & all-encompassing authority of Christ Jesus! It is a reflection of the humility, obedience and anointing placed upon my life. It is a “due season” event designed to liberate and empower.


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Dark Side of NorfolkGrowing up in “Olde Huntersville,” an African American segregated section of Norfolk, Virginia in the 1940’s and 1950’s resembled neighborhoods across America. Everybody knew everybody. From skin hues of light cream to dark chocolate and ages ranging from newborns to great-great grandparents; we had African American teachers, lawyers, doctors, truck drivers, ditch diggers, and domestic workers---all living next door to one another; each household respected for how strong they loved and consistently provided for their families all the while supporting their community. A skirmish might break out on a Saturday night after a game of cards and too much drink, however, a cool-headed neighbor would bring a word of peace and all was well again. It was a place where childhood friends remained friends for a lifetime. It was where students met weekly in a classroom and sang in the same church choir on Sunday. Our goal was simple ---we just had to make sure we stayed on the dark side of Norfolk.
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Miss Blake Edwards Book
Blake was born in Portsmouth, VA to Harold Tony Smith and Donita Edwards. She is the oldest sister of Blaire Edwards and granddaughter to Rev Dr. James and Rev. Dee Edwards III, Joe Sr. and Eleanor Smith. She is a 2009 graduate of Oscar Smith High in Chesapeake, VA. She is a proud member of The Mount, Chesapeake. Among her many pageant titles, she is the first-ever Miss Abilities Chesapeake 2015. She is also the National Miss Amazing Miss 1st Runner Up 2017. She loves to sing, dance and have fun with family and friends. Blake is a sought-after praise dancer.

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Something Told Me
Many people are fearful of others who display their second sight, sixth sense, extra sensory perception, or mother wit due to a lack of understanding. Prayerfully the testimonies given in this book will help allay the fears and impart a consideration and awareness of the Holy spirit operating through everyday people in everyday situations. In President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s first inaugural address, he said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” His objective was to bring calm to the fears of the American people who were in the throes of the Great Depression. My efforts in writing this book are to bring calm to the minds and hearts of those who fear to experience our own innate abilities I call the sixth sense.

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And What More Shall I SayReturn to hine own house, and shew how great things God hath done unto thee. And he went his way, and published throughout the whole city how great things Jesus had done unto him. Luke 8:39 KJV It is just almost too unbelievable to think about the awesomeness of our God. He is able to encourage us. He is able to direct us. And He has truly accomplished the unbelievable in my life. In my book, “And What More Shall I Say,” God is allowing me to tell His story about His works in and through me. How then shall I attempt to accomplish this task in my time to speak? I shall employ a method of communication whereby many of our churches now shun, for they no longer provide periods of sharing one’s personal testimony during worship and/or Bible study services. Yes, no one breaks the protocol of the printed bulletin, allowing the Spirit “to move from heart to heart or breast to breast.” The preacher preaches; the deacons and deaconesses pray; the choir sings; the ushers stand at the door handing out bulletins; congregants worship Jesus “in spirit and truth,” but we seldom hear someone say, “I just want to testify about what the Lord has done for me.” In “And What More Shall I Say,” this Huntersville boy from Norfolk, Virginia feels so blessed of the Lord to have been given enough time to write even more about God and His interaction in my life. Because I am conscious of that which the Preacher, Solomon, the son of David, king of Jerusalem wrote in Ecclesiastes 3:7 there is, “a time to rend, and a time to sew, a time to keep silence and a time to speak,” I announce with great joy, this is my time. I ask that you lend me your eyes and heart and, prayerfully, my testimonies in this book shall answer the question posed in Luke 1:37, “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”

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The Man You are Trying to Marry is not Your HusbandThe Man You are Trying to Marry is not Your Husband is an amazing story about being true to God and self. It addresses the benefits of seeking wisdom during confusing and uncertain times AND the obedience it requires to adhere to wise counsel. In this tale, you will empathize with a single mom's personal struggles and discover how she follows God’s promptings and is redirected to fulfill purpose. Her story will keep you engaged and encouraged. It will challenge and empower you to reexamine your life, refocus and receive renewed vision for your destiny. It is a must-read!

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Then There Were Three“THEN THERE WERE THREE”

Journey with the Edwards family; Rev. Dr. James (the father), Rev. Donita (the daughter) and Rev. Dee (the wife), as they share their history, humor, heartache and healing in their unique journeys to discovering their calls as ministers of the Gospel of Christ.

For those who may be going through an internal struggle that can’t be satisfied until you feel the peace of God’s confirmation to preach; or who feel unworthy and unprepared to accept a call into such a vocation; or who may have consciously or unconsciously been led to believe that because of your past indiscretions, you don’t qualify to be a servant of Christ; or maybe you just want to read three colorful and unforgettable stories about ordinary people who had an extraordinary encounter with God and had their lives changed forever – THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

After reading their stories, you might even be able to say, “Then there were…”

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