His Grace

is a divine call to celebrate the majestic & all-encompassing authority of Christ Jesus! It is a reflection of the humility, obedience and anointing placed upon my life. It is a “due season” event designed to liberate and empower.


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Welcome to HisGrace4us.com

As you peruse this website’s contents, you are encouraged to embrace your greatness through Christ Jesus – not by intellect, emotions, opinions, or circumstances – by the authority of God’s undeniably unadulterated Truth.

In the wonderment of all He creates, YOU ARE SPECIAL TO HIM. You are fashioned in His likeness (Gen. 1:27); the salt of the world (Matt. 5:13); the apple of His eye (Ps. 17:8); a statement of His strength (2 Cor. 12:9). You are designed to display the quintessence of His love and mercy to all.

See yourself as He sees you, my beloved and bountifully blessed brothers and sisters in Christ! You are the embodiment of His Grace.